Paul Gering Estate Sale

Paul Gering Estate Absolute Farm Auction

Saturday, June 22, 2019   @ 9 AM

 8706 County Road KK, Flagler, CO 80815

Call Mike Nichols 970-350-0126, John Nichols 719-740-1320 or Lance Nichols 970-302-6185 or email us for more information.

Note: The Gering Family have been on this place over 100 years.  They proved up on their homesteads in 1913.  They saved everything.  At least two rings will run all day - bring a friend.

Concessions will be available- plan to spend the day!

Directions:  From Flagler: I-70 Exit 395, 1 north, 1 west Rd. V, north 15 miles RD. 4, east on Rd. KK 4.5 miles.

From Seibert: I-70 Exit 405, north Hwy 59 16.5 miles, west on Rd. KK 6.5 miles- signs posted.

 Tractors & Combines:  06 JD 9420, 18sp, PS, bareback, 2977 hrs., 710/70R42 duals, 4hyld., 20 hrs. on new motor; 00’ JD 9400, 24sp, bareback, 2470 hrs., 710/70R 38 duals; 4hyd; 02 JD 8420 FWA, 24sp., 1730 hrs.; 18.8 R46 duals; 3pt., 4hyd; 95 JD 9600 Combine w/ 930 wheat head, 305/38 singles, 2,104 engine hrs., 1776 sep. hrs., straw spreader; 78 JD 4840, duals, 5,699 hrs., PS, 3 pt., 2 hyd, w/ Frey ML-750 Ider w/ bucket & grapple; 70 JjD 4020, yr, rd. cab, shows 3735 hrs., 3pt., 2 hyd; JD 5010 cab w; Waldon dozer; JD 5010, no cab; Case Ider w/ backhoe; old Case DAC, JD B, tricycle; 2-IHC Ms w/ FH F11 Iders; LA Case w/ F10 FH Ider; 46 IHC TD-14 crawler; 43 IHG TD9 crawler; Case-Davis trencher/backhoe; 40’s case DC

Equip: 2-2011 Sunflower 3392-52, 9x6 sweep plows w/ picker, used very little; Flex King 7x6 sweep plow w/ Richardson pickers; Flex King 7x5 sweep plow/ FK pickers; 2- Krause 2100 45’ tandem discs, 1 with drag tines; Krause 38 shank chisle w/ Krause tines, NH3 attch.; Flex King 60’ rodweeder; 2- Flex King 48’ rodweeders w/ degelman harrows; Flex King 36’ rod weeder w/ Degelman harrows; 4- JD 9400 drills, split press whls; 10x12”, double door boxes w/ JD transports; 2 JD 8200 16x10’ disk drills w/ JD hitch; JD Mx10 3pt rotary mower, 1,000 rpm, like new; 3pt pronghorn track closer; Westfield MX 130-71 auger w/ hopper, PTO; Westfield 10”x 60’ auger w/ hopper, PTO; Speed King 8”x40’ auger, gas; 2 smaller Speed King 6” augers; 1,000 gal nurse tank w/ 2” Honda pump, tandem axle; 10’ box scraper w/ rippers, pull type; Dual – 600 manure spreader, tandem; 2 dry-fert. Spreaders; 3pt PH digger; Krause 15’ tandem disc; 3pt tandem disc; pull type scraper; pull type 6’ rotary mower; NH 1116 16’ S.P. swather, diesel, 4,419 hrs; JD 7100 8x30 planter; JD 400 32’ rotary hoe; JD 2bar ditcher; JD 3800 3 row silage cutter & Pu attach Lilliston 8 row rolling cult; Cat Motor grater, 12’; IHC 8x30 cyclo planter; Brady 2166 24’ flail chopper; 8 row NH3 tool bar; snow mach. 3pt snow blower; JD 3pt. rollover plow; Farm King gravity wagon; 2-18’ Krause one ways, hyd; 2-15’ Krause one ways, hyd; 2 Crust Buster 2 bar cult.- 30’ & 40’; bear cat PTO roller mill; 50’s Chevy PU w/ Onan generator; JD 100 loaf stacker; Case trac w/ grader blade; Dual Ider; gandy boxes; more;

Semis & Trailers:  ’89 Ford L-900 T.T., 3406-B Cat; 10 sp; 24.5 day cab, 679,414 miles; 77 KW TT, day cab, tandem, 350 cummins, 13sp, 22.5; 93 Jet 42’ hopper bottom, R.O. tarp; 94 SHI 24’ GN w/ dovetail & ramps, 7K axles; ’86 S&H L/S GN, 6’x20’ trailer; 70 Hale 5’x16’ B.P. L/S Trailer;

Vehicles:  ’07 GMC 1500, 4x2, 5.3, auto, 34,000 miles; 1966 Cadillac Calais, 12,000 miles, 4dr., always shedded; 1966 Pontiac Catalina, 4dr., 42,757 miles; 1974 Pontiac Catalina, 4dr., 20,964 miles; 1974 Chevy El Camino, 350, auto, 4,012 miles; ’93 Buick Contura 4dr, 53,000 miles; ’97 Ford F-150, longbox, topper; ’88 Chevy C-10, auto, 350, 4x2; ’87 Ford F-350, 4x2 w/ Telsta bucket lift w/ utility box;  ’82 Chevy PU;  ’88 GMC PU; ’97 Ford PU; ’85 Ford 150, auto, 6 cyl., utility box; ’75 Chevy C-10, auto; ’73 IHC 1110 PU, V-8, 4sp; ’72 Chevy PU; ’60 Chevy PU; ’50 Chevy PU; ’52 Chevy PU; ’61 Chevy C-50 15’ box, r.h., 4x2; ’76 Chevy C-65 Tandem, 366, 5x2, 20’ box, r.h., r.o. tandem, Westfield hyd. Drill fill auger; ’73 Chevy C-60, 350, 4x2, 20’ box r.h., r.o., tandem; 3-52 Chevy Trks, 13’ boxes, r.h.; ’49 Chevy Truck, 13’ box, r.h.; ’48 IHC Trk, 13’ box, r.h.; ’54 Studebaker trk, V-8 w/ H2O tank; ’64 Chevy PU w/ sprayer unit; ’55 Chevy 3100, 283, 4sp. Narrow box;

Old Vehicles:  ’26 Dodge Bros. touring car, extra motor blk, have title; Model T partial chassis w/ motor; Dodge Bros. Car chassis; 30’s Chevy Trk, 12’ box, r.h.; ’41 Dodge w/ JD Chuckwagon; ‘50s Chevy w/ JD Chuckwagon; 40s Chevy Trk w/ H20 tank; 51 Chevy PU, 5 window, short box w/ sprayer; more;

Shop: Lots of hand tools & tool boxes; Flather & Co model MFB large lath; KT drill press; 2 milling machs; Atlas small latch; 2 Sioux Valve grinder; Kalamazoo Band saw; oxy-act torch & cart; 20 ton press; ped. Grinders; parts washer, post drill; Generac PTO gen., 20kw; E-Z wire roller; Atlas band saw; dual tire dolly; Kohler light plant; power washer 2,400 PSI; steam cleaner; calipers; 1” Air Impact; PU fuel tank; PK tool box; anvil; air compressors; cherry picker; batt. Chargers; tow rope; bench vises, hyd. Jacks; table router, 110 volt mig; bench grinders, much more;

Misc: 2,000 & 800 gal fuel tanks on skids w/ 120 volt pumps; Numerous garden tractors & mowers, JD, MW, Quality, IHC, AC, & more; Big Red Honda 3-wheeler; rototiller; comm clay pigeon thrower; 70+ boxes clay pigeons; boxes & boxes shotun shells; ww calf cradle; Irr. Engines, D.D., Cat, Walkenshaw; numerous hit & miss engines, small to large; Irr. Well hds; alum irr. Pipe; Big gun sprinkler; 55 gal oil barrels & pumps; US standard 900# scale; JD shop heater; ATV ramps; elect. Pipe threader; Westfield 8” hopper auger; screen seed cleaner; floor jacks; clipper seed cleaner, chem totes; spud well drilling unit; old sprinklers for salvage; tons of salvage; much more;

Household & Antiques:  2 upright, 1 chest freezer; Kenmore auto washer; whirlpool dryer; 2 Meilink combo safes; 2 wagon boxes; harness & collars; oak bookcase; old books; 2 sewing mach & cabinets; oak dresser w/ mirror; oak desk bookcase combo; curved drawer oak dresser w/ mirror; sewing mach. w/ chair; oak dresser; old Brunswick 9x5 pool table; cast iron gas pump; 2-SF Brower gas pumps; 1 Tolkham pump; more;

Photos coming soon!